These are recent tesimonials from students who took classes with Niddy in her private and public classes, both hands-on and demonstration. Students filled out optional, anonymous surveys at the end of the class.

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"Fun and comfortable class. Nice variety dishes." ~ August, 2009

"The food was exactly what we wanted to learn to cook." ~ August, 2009

"The class was very good and food was delicious. It was a nice mix of hands-on cooking and instruction. Well done, easy to follow recipes. It is very nice to get to keep leftover supplies so we can cook more and know what to buy." ~ August, 2009

"Exceeded expectations! Tonight was the perfect gift for my father. Not only good food, but amazing experience. The food - tasted like in Thailand! Thank you Niddy! This was even better than expected." ~ August, 2009

"The experience I had today was incredable! Niddy was very plesant and was a great teacher! I learned a lot and the food was amazing! Absolutely Increadable!" ~ August, 2009

"Wonderful. Very informative class! The food tasted better than I imagined." ~ August, 2009

"The class was excellent! It was all amazing! I can't wait to try to make it." ~August, 2009

"This was an anniversary present for me. The class was very enjoyable and food was very delicious - better than any Thai restaurants." ~ July, 2009

"Very educational! You explained direction very well. I really enjoyed your class. I can't wait to try it. " ~ July, 2009

"The class was very lovely. The food was all very good." ~ July, 2009

"Niddy was wonderful teacher and great personality." ~ July, 2009

"It was a great learning experience. It was really great food." ~ July, 2009

"I've always been intimidated to cook Thai food but this clas demystified it for me. Thank you!" ~ July, 2009

"Very informative. I believe I can duplicate the recipes." ~ July, 2009

"I loved the authenticity of recipes and food. The class was very well organized, you were prepared, and it all flowed smoothly. The food was excellent, especially the red curry. I loved the differences between restaurant Pad Thai and yours. Yours was much better!" ~ July, 2009

"The food was great especially the Red Curry and Pad Thai. The class was fantastic, great food and different ingredients than I've seen used before." ~ July, 2009

"Fun to watch. Nice to get tips on ingredients, way to cut/chop and see how Niddy compilesit all. The food was delicious! I like the fact she was cooking authentic recipes and not Americanized." ~ July, 2009

"Very fun! Easy instructions, open to questions/comments, great food." ~ July, 2009

"The food was very tasty and Niddy is very sweet!" ~ July, 2009

"This was a present from our daughter. I loved the class. The food was great." ~ June, 2009

"With Niddy it seemed so easy to make Thai food. We loved the food." ~ June, 2009

"Delicious! Also informative - very good to see Niddy preparing and cooking the dishes." ~ May, 2009

"It was fun and informative. My favorite were the Laab and the shrimp dry curry. The other dish was also very good. I'm sure I will try it at home." ~ May, 2009

"I found the class a great experience. It was wonderful - gragrant and very tasty - and a great variety of dishes." ~ May, 2009

"It's enjoyable and relaxed. The food was delicious and something I feel I can easily replicate at home." ~ May, 2009

"It's a lot of fun but be prepared to be really hands-on. The food is great!" ~ Feb, 2009

"That it was a good class and you should take it. Beware that the food is a little spicy. I had a great time and that I wish I had the chance to take more classes. The food is awesome." ~ Feb, 2009

"Niddy was amazing, excellent and thorough teacher. Would love to take another class from her." ~ Feb, 2009

"Very enjoyable. Great food. Highly recommended." ~ Feb, 2009

"Wow! We made memories and learned as well. This will be a valentine's gift that will keep giving. Fastastic - we learned some great techniques that will spill over into other dishes. Each dish is delicious - better than restaurants. I will definitely enroll in future LBCC classes with you or schedule another private class." ~ Feb, 2009

"Comfortable and fun. Tastes great, nice choices, lots of fresh flavor." ~ Feb, 2009"

"Take it! Very personable instructor." ~ Feb, 2009

"I have already told friends if it is availble again that they should sign up for it. Two of my friends tried to get in but it was already full. Amazing class - using the recipes already." ~ Feb, 2009

"Take it, by all means! Extremely well organized - Hands-on cooking was good feature." ~ Feb, 2009

"Go for it - good food, fun learning!" ~ Feb, 2009

"This was a great class! I would strongly recommend this class to anyone. The instructor was wonderful. Hoping to take more classes from her." ~ Feb, 2009

"It's definitely worth taking, recipes are restaurant quality." ~ Feb, 2009

"I have already been raving about it to many friends. Niddy far exceeded my expectations for the class. I learned a lot. I even felt like I "sort of" knew what I was talking about when I went to the Asian Market in Albany. Thanks a lot Niddy! Niddy did an amazing job. She clearly spent a lot of time outside of class preparing food and organizing things." ~ Feb, 2009

"Very pleasant - I enjoy Niddy's presence and how she conducts class. Great food! These are very good recipes and I enjoyed every one of them. I look forward to trying these dishes at home. Thank you very mcuh for your classes. I have enjoyed myself these last four weeks. I hope you keep teaching classes in the future!" ~ Feb, 2009

"You are a fun and enthusiastic teacher. You made all 4 classes very enjoyable. Thank you." ~ Feb, 2009

"The classes have been a lot of fun and so informative. Thank you for being so delightfully expressive." ~ Feb, 2009

"Delicious! The food was amazing and you make it a lot of fun. I really like the variations in food styles and how easy they are." ~ Feb, 2009

"I loved my private class with Niddy. The food was great! Niddy made it so easy to make Thai dishes. I would love to take another class with her." ~ Jan, 2009

"My private class with Niddy was great and I loved the baked chicken dish!" ~ Jan, 2009

"Informative, fun, relaxing. Delicious! I can't wait to make this at home, especially the soup and panang. The recipes allow you to not have to take notes." ~ Jan, 2009

"Everything was delicious. Wonderful - the best!" ~ Jan, 2009

"Wonderful. I loved the menu. Everything tasted great. Good choices! Didn't matter that it was all red." ~ Jan, 2009

"The classes are really fun! I loved it. I liked it that you talked some about how the food is served & what area it originated in." ~ Jan, 2009

"I'm learning lots about how to cook Thai food. I've been trying out the recipes during the week and they've turned out well." ~ Jan, 2009

"It was a great experience. Delicious." ~ Jan, 2009

"Very fun and informative. Niddy's style is terrific." ~ Jan, 2009

"Fun - I'm not a very good cook but Niddy made it look easy & I can't wait to try it at home!" ~ Jan, 2009

"I've really enjoyed the two classes I've attended and look forward to the next two. Your website is great too - it's a wonderful resource to have while I'm learning to cook Thai food." ~ Jan, 2009

"Delightful and informative. It was all delicious, well prepared and well chosen. I appreciated the info about Asian stores and the products used in class." ~ Jan, 2009

"Fun! Love it. Green curry was my favorite." ~ Jan, 2009

"It was lots of fun & the food was delicious. Yummy & the presentation was very pretty & interesting. Thank you!" ~ Jan, 2009

"Fun & interesting. You do a great job of explaining ingredients and techniques." ~ Jan, 2009

"Great. Niddy, you are a good & fun teacher. I like that you describe ingredients & which is best to get." ~ Jan, 2009

"I had a great time learning about the different foods/dishes & brands to buy." ~ Jan, 2009

"Wonderful & enjoyable. I loved it - can't wait to try it myself at home." ~ Jan, 2009

"Enjoyable. Delicious food. Great demonstration of recipe preparation." ~ Jan, 2009

"Fun and informative. Relax - you did a wonderful job!" ~ Jan, 2009

"You did a great job. It was fun! You have a great personality for this and I look forward to more classes. Great food and I am looking forward to trying them on my own. I appreciate you taking the time to give us all the steps in details." ~ Jan, 2009

"Very interesting, lots of little tips. The curry & beans were my favorites. Felt a little rushed but very good." ~ Jan, 2009

"Interesting and inspiring." ~ Jan, 2009

"I loved how informed & easy the class was. There were lots of good details. I feel like I don't know enough about Thai food yet. I liked Niddy comparing cooking ingredients & methods in U.S.A Vs Thailand." ~ Jan, 2009

"Fun. Delicious. Educational. Yum! Couldn't be better. Great class. Fun & and relaxed. I'll be back." ~ Jan, 2009

"I really enjoyed all of the different flavors and tastes of authentic Thai food. I appreciated having the recipes so clearly written out and the illustrations." ~ Jan, 2009

"Wonderful! I really enjoyed the class. Niddy made it seem very easy. Niddy was very charming. Class should be 1/2 hour longer." ~ Jan, 2009