Napatr "Niddy" Lindsley Biography

ThaiCookingHouse was founded by Napatr Lindsley. She was born and raised in Thailand. Many of her friends in the U.S. call her Niddy. She lived in Thailand for 26 years and combines cooking experience gained abroad with 10 years of experience in the West. She has worked in catering in Ohio as well as the education sector in Oregon. With a flair for making cooking fun and a passion for making great Thai and Thai-American dishes, she offers a broad class selection. She enjoys a range of dishes, from simple to the more complex and finely presented.

Napatr left Thailand in 1997 to come study in Vancouver, Canada, then moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1998. In Canada, she lived with a Canadian family and another foreign student. While staying there, she learned how to make Korean and Japanese food. In Ohio, she became familiar with Japanese food more and more because of her Japanese roommate. They exchanged their knowledge about the two cuisines for over 3 years. At the same time, she gained knowledge and experience while working in catering for the company Foodservice America.

In 2001, she moved to Corvallis, Oregon and has become familiar with the Corvallis area and food buying options over these 7 years. She lives here with her family including a beautiful baby girl.

Besides private classes, Napatr also teaches at Linn Benton Community College and Lane Community College. Classes at these 2 colleges are open to the public and are held at nights. These classes are not private classes and dishes have been determined ahead of time.

In addition, information on many Thai ingredients is offered on the glossary page, along with notes about dishes. Drawing on the wide variety of her Thai cooking in the U.S. and experience in Thailand, she teaches tailored private classes. Contact her at